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#YorkGrad03 / An interview with Twitter MD Bruce Daisley
Bruce DaisleyThanks to the microblogging site Twitter, everyone and anyone can assemble their very own subscribing audience numbered in the hundreds, even the thousands. We spoke to Managing Director of Twitter UK and York alumnus Bruce Daisley about the site's impact on society.

Sex, drugs & IVF
Professor Lord Robert WinstonEsteemed medical scientist Professor Lord Robert Winston talks to student and Nouse Deputy Features Editor Jack Richardson and the York Union about IVF, politics and religion.

Changing perceptions step-by-step
Mat glencoe by Sven Hagolani hres-2World-renowned multi-disciplinary performer, dancer and artist Claire Cunningham started out as a music student at York. Writer Ricky Jones found out what’s behind her extraordinary portfolio of work – and what’s next on her agenda.