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The reluctant historian / How did Adam Hart-Davis – a man with ‘no interest in history’ – end up a TV historian?
maxresdefaultTV Presenter and alumnus Adam Hart-Davis  reminisces about life as a York post-grad, the time he set himself on fire, and how he fell  into broadcasting If […]

Roses at War / How the Wars of the Roses turned into Europe’s biggest sporting rivalry
YuMagazine Featured Images 1810x1018px JPEG(1)Tracing the story all the way up to York's victory over Lancaster this summer.

Artistic censorship / Secret art provides ‘a temporary relief’ from the horrors of repressive regimes.
mahsa_vahdat_2On the 6th of June, the Festival of Ideas opened with “Artistic Censorship in Repressive Regimes”, chaired by Julia Farrington (Head of Arts, Index on […]