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Rubbing shoulders with Ralph Fiennes / York History Lecturer Hannah Greig talks about her work as a Historical Advisor for A-list movies
From PhD to Poldark 1810x1018When I first joined York as a history lecturer, my inaugural group of first-year students very nearly had their essays marked by Ralph Fiennes. At the time, I was acting as historical adviser to the feature film The Duchess.

Explore Yorkshire / Alumnus Charles Patmore on his new book, ‘Choice Visits in Yorkshire and York’
Whitby-1 1810x1018pxYork isn’t only a beautiful city, it’s also the hub for a huge number of fascinating day trips to nearby places in Yorkshire. From the best of my many day-trips from York over the years, I’ve compiled a large Kindle e-book, Choice Visits in Yorkshire and York.

Top 10 (secretly good) mistakes I made in my 20s / Office affairs to credit cards: there’s a silver lining to every 20s mishap
University of York 2011Let's face it: the word 'mistake' goes hand in hand with your 20s. And to be honest, I'd be worried for you if it didn't. Your 20s are, after all, the time for experimentation, for risk.