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Support students at York
Working with students is a great way to share your experience and knowledge with the next generation. Insights into the current job market are vital when it comes to deciding what direction to take.

You can volunteer to mentor a student, speak at a Careers event, provide a profile or offer work experience.

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Career Speaker Come back onto campus and speak to groups of students individually or as part of a panel, about specific industries, career routes, or competencies. Your interest will be shared with Careers, Departments, Colleges and YUSU and you will be contacted when a suitable opportunity arises. If you have a preferred topic to speak about please let us know.

Micro Internships Can you or your organistation offer a short project for a York student to work on at your place of work? These micro-internships aim to be 2 day experiences, offering students a chance to develop their skills whilst gaining an insight into the world of work.
Virtual Internships Are you based outside of York but would still like to benefit from the skills of our students? If you have a project a York student could support you with remotely or from home, please get in touch.
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