Volunteer Charter

Through their unique experience alumni Volunteers are an important and valued resource in advancing the aims and objectives of the University of York. By engaging and inspiring current students through sharing knowledge and experience, they raise the profile of the University through networks of their peers, current students and the business community.

The University recognises the crucial role Volunteers play, and in return offers them support and resources from colleagues in the Office of Philanthropic Partnerships and Alumni.

Volunteer guidelines

Volunteers are asked to read the following guidelines about responsibilities connected to representing the University of York.

  • Interaction with students
    • Volunteers are expected to liaise regularly with their contact in either the Office of Philanthropic Partnerships and Alumni or relevant Department, and activities should be approved by the University before being undertaken.
    • Volunteers should endeavour to uphold the University’s good name and reputation at all times.
    • Act as a role model of good and appropriate behaviour understanding the difference between friendliness and familiarity; bearing in mind that someone else might misinterpret your actions, no matter how well intentioned.
  • Use of data, in compliance with the Data Protection Act
    • Any personal data received about other alumni must not be divulged or sold on in any way, and must not be used for any other purpose than the furthering of the University’s aims and objectives and those of its constituent alumni communities.
    • Contact lists circulated at events have been approved by all participants for that event only and should not be circulated further beyond the event.
    • Volunteers are prohibited from keeping their own databases of alumni records.

If you have any queries please email alumni@york.ac.uk.