US International Connections

By making a gift to the University of York in America, you can make a lasting contribution to the lives of students who follow in your footsteps.

A life-changing experience awaits students who get the chance to study and work abroad. Their cultural and academic understanding expands, and they learn to work across cultures and nationalities – a distinct advantage in the global employment market.

Our US International Connections Fund awards grants of more than $4500 each to enable students to take part in study exchange programs. We also support volunteering and work opportunities in the US, which can give invaluable experience and insight to our students.

Before the grant it was probable that I would have to turn down the opportunity to study abroad.

I have been in lectures and tutorials with participants from all over the world, often with very different outlooks on topics. Many issues which I took for granted have been challenged.

I learned how to present stronger arguments and also enjoy learning more as a result. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

US International Connections student

For many students like Fern, international opportunities are simply not an option without support.

What we can achieve together

Your gift helps to widen the horizons of the next generation of York students and thereby strengthens our alumni community in the US.

It is essential that a York education exposes students to different cultures, languages, working practices and academic approaches. We recognize that our students will have global careers – working alongside people from different countries.

This fund brings huge benefits to students in terms of employability, but also to their personal development and their outlook on life.

Professor Saul Tendler, Acting-Vice Chancellor and President