The nine Colleges are part of what makes York special. Through your College, you gain membership in a friendly community that you are part of forever – even decades after you've graduated.

Each College has its own atmosphere and history. But they are all places where students make friends for life and learn to lead their own communities – in volunteering, in sports and in social activities. Through these varied experiences, students gain valuable life skills and experience in preparation for their careers.

York’s Colleges are constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of our student community. Every year the Colleges go further in supporting students, both academically and financially, and in improving the accommodation and facilities they depend on.

Giving to your College Fund helps the community you enjoyed to thrive and create opportunities for all.

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Derwent College

Derwent was celebrating its 50th anniversary last year.

Derwent has kept its reputation as a close-knit and active community of students, with a strong college spirit and a lively social calendar including the biggest student event on campus – ‘Big D’. Derwent still lies at the heart of the Heslington campus, but it has grown considerably as it took over Langwith's original buildings in 2012.

Halifax College

Next year is the 20th anniversary of Halifax Court, which grew into today's Halifax College.

Halifax is both the largest and the most distinctive college. Its unique rural village setting gives students a taste of independent living but with all the benefits of college support and activities. Halifax excels in inter-collegiate sports and works with students to develop leadership skills and employability.

Langwith College

Langwith was also celebrating its 50th anniversary last year.

Now over 50, Langwith is reinventing itself in its new home on Heslington East. However, the new Langwith has not lost its tradition of supporting arts and creativity – it even has its own gallery for hosting student exhibitions. Langwith students are proud to give back to the local community, with strong support for charities and volunteering.