Bioscience to Biotech Laboratory

Human civilisation is under pressure to find environmentally sustainable approaches to food, energy and medicine.

Our Bioscience to Biotech Laboratory will build on the internationally renowned biology and chemistry research at York to understand and adapt nature’s own solutions to these life-and-death issues.

Treating nature as a research partner

Natural chemicals are a rich hunting ground for new treatments. Their exploitation will require new scientific approaches and understanding. York is uniquely well-placed to take on this vital challenge.

Professor Ian Graham
Head of Department of Biology

Recent advances in research technology have transformed our ability to discover the solutions that have evolved in nature. At the same time, advances in synthetic biology have given us the means to use and improve on evolution’s designs.

Our vision is to join up the discovery of new chemicals and materials in nature with the creation of practical techniques and technologies based on them, in partnership with industry.

In the past three years alone, medicinal plant varieties created in York have provided 240m treatments for people suffering from malaria.

The new laboratories will accelerate research that will further feed, fuel and heal the world.

In this way we can adopt natural solutions for the global problems faced by humanity.

How the Bioscience to Biotech Laboratory will help

This project will create a 5,515m2 building that will:

  • provide research teams with a start-of-the-art complex that will encourage interdisciplinary working
  • accommodate up to 20 research groups and 150 staff
  • widen access to the north of England’s most comprehensive set of advanced analytical technology
  • showcase to business and the public the breadth and impact of bioscience-to-biotech research.