Physics Futures

Physics helps us to understand the essence of the universe and leads to amazing opportunities for society. It lies at the heart of many of the world’s most important discoveries, from the most effective treatments for cancer to the phone in your pocket.

The Physics Futures fund will help discovery and opportunity to flourish at York for generations to come. We are building on the talent and inspiration of staff, students and alumni to make a difference across three priority areas.

When my son was two years old, he contracted pneu­monia. The antibiotics he was given failed and we feared for his life.

I believe scientists have a moral obligation to tackle major societal problems, so I changed the focus of my work to develop diagnostic tests that will give doctors the information they need in a matter of minutes rather than days.

Thomas Krauss
Professor of Photonics

Three areas your support will help

  1. Life-transforming research in medical physics
    York is a leading centre for medical physics – particularly focused on technologies that speed up diagnoses. This is particularly important in tackling the global crisis of antibiotic resistance. Your gift will help fund doctoral research and specialist equipment.
  2. Exceptional opportunities for students
    A crucial part of Physics degrees at York is applying knowledge in the real world. Your gift will help students from all backgrounds to gain essential work experience in industry or a professional research team.
  3. Inspiring passion for scientific discovery
    There is a growing skills shortage in science teaching, industry and research. At York we tackle this by inviting thousands of children and young people to meet ‘real scientists’, often for the first time. Your gift will help fund our outreach work and a new Visitor Hub.