York Opportunity Award

Every year, York Opportunity Awards are given to those students who have overcome the most significant barriers in their personal, social and domestic life.

Imagine how different your life might be if you hadn’t had that opportunity to study at York?

Students who come from under-represented backgrounds face additional barriers in getting to university. These students also have a higher rate of dropping out from university than their peers.

Have you heard family, friends or colleagues talk about the pressures they faced before or during university?

The York Opportunity Award provides a recognition of the resilience and tenacity that these students show in their determination to come to university, even when everything is stacked against them.

Created to help students fulfill their potential in higher education without the financial pressure which may restrict them, it allows disadvantaged students to thrive at university and access the same opportunities as their peers.

Effy says “I worked three jobs for a year before I could afford to come to university. I knew that my disability, alongside strained family finances, meant that my dream of attending university might not be realised.”

You can help by giving £70, £180 or even £1,100 today.

“We know from students who have received the awards that they relieve the burden and stress that can occur through financial hardship and in doing so can help to improve their experience at university. The long term benefit is the lasting impact this can have on their professional career after graduation.”

Liz McNeil, Widening Participation Manager

The York Opportunity Award provides financial support of £1,100 for three years of undergraduate study, alleviating the pressure that so many students from under-represented groups face both before and during university.

Every penny of your donation goes directly to the students. Last year, there were over 300 applicants yet sufficient funds for only 18 Awards. That means that, right now, fifteen out of every sixteen applicants are turned down.

With your help, 25, 35 or even 50 of York’s most deserving students from under-represented backgrounds will be given the support that they need to succeed here at York.