York Futures Scholarships

By giving to the York Futures Scholarship programme, you make a difference to talented undergraduate students who would otherwise struggle to make the most of their University experience.

As a person who was hesitant about further study due to financial concerns, it is inspiring to have this support from the donors, and for hard work to be rewarded through their generosity.

BA English student

In today's highly competitive employment market, a good degree from a top university isn't always enough to secure that all-important graduate position. Financial barriers can make it particularly difficult for students from lower-income backgrounds to gain relevant work experience and skills.

Your support gives students the chance to seize career and volunteering opportunities by bridging the gap between student loans and the cost of living.

To be eligible for a York Futures Scholarship, students must:

  1. demonstrate academic ability
  2. be seeking to develop skills through involvement in the University, wider community, internships or work experience.

Your support will provide:

  • scholarships that give students £1,050 a year in their second and third years
  • more freedom for our brightest students from lower-income families to develop their potential
  • a springboard to a fulfilling career that will benefit the students and those they share their knowledge with too.