...the reason that more students succeed

With your help, more of our most impressive students will do more than just study.


Students from low income families don’t have the freedom to make use of all that York has to offer to build a stand out CV. They need to earn just enough money to study, but do no more than study.


If you have helped your own children through university you know how vital 'the bank of Mum and Dad' is. A small bit of extra cash frees students from constant money worries, and allows them to take part in their wider community and take on extra responsibilities that lead to greater employability.


The York Futures Scholarship works in exactly the same way - except the Mums and Dads who provide the funds are kind alumni like you.



The scholarship is £35 a week. It is earned, not given. Every applicant is approaching their second year at York. They must clearly demonstrate how, and why, a scholarship will help them build on their first year achievements. Applications for the scholarships are already flooding in. The selection panel is currently shortlisting prospective candidates ready to make the final decisions by August.

My Mum has been poorly all my life and Dad has occupational asthma, so I am very familiar with hospitals.  I wanted a degree so I could help others, and I chose clinical psychology because I know how important it is that people with all sorts of mental illness get the treatment and support they need.

Nikki Airey

Your support will help a young man or woman to develop the employability skills that study alone will never achieve. And you can take pride in helping another young person achieve success in today’s highly competitive workplace.