Why give to York in your will?

A legacy is a donation that just about anyone can give. It is also often the greatest donation that anyone does make.

I see a university such as ours as a lifeline to the future. The brightest students from all over the world will come to York long after I’m gone to study subjects we haven’t yet dreamed of in ways we can’t even imagine. It is for these students that I’ve made a bequest to York in my will.

Felicity Riddy
Legacy donor

You can make sure that your family and friends are the primary beneficiaries of your will and still make an impact with your legacy gift. Leaving a gift in your will to a charity such as the University of York is also completely tax free.

A gift in your will can make a lasting contribution for generations – whatever area of the University you are most passionate to support.

Tax benefits

The University of York is an exempt charity (no. U25967). As such, any gift within your will falls outside of inheritance tax.

Giving as part of your will planning can help to reduce your estate’s inheritance tax bill.