University of York Boat Club Appeal

UYBC has a team spirit second to none, a solid work ethos and shared determination to succeed. The efforts of our members past and present have brought us to where we are today.

There are nine racks in our Boat House in Fulford, and 7 of them hold boats which are more than 20 years old.

Rob Cree
UYBC Coach

New boats, facilities and coaching make all the difference. Since the appointment of our coach in 2015, thanks to the University and a philanthropic gift, the club has built on its strong foundations and is starting to create waves. We’ve gained recognition from GB Rowing and have become a Start centre where we are training the next generation of national rowers.

Except, our equipment is holding us back. We do not have enough boats to get talented potential new rowers on the water, and the funding is so tight that we have to rely on second-hand equipment.

With your help…

…we can continue UYBC’s journey and invest in the next generation of rowers, whether that’s by attracting talented sportspeople already involved in our sport or by getting novices out onto the water and into races.

The University has backed us with improvements to the Boat House, access to strength and conditioning coaching through YorkSport, 12 ergonometers at the York Sport Village for off water training and with partial funding for our dedicated coach. York’s selection as a GB Rowing Start Centre means that GB Rowing are helping us to identify, recruit and develop the next generation of potential Olympic rowers. Shared sessions and ideas are an inspiration to the athletes and prospective students.

Now we need you to get behind us and to dig deep for the white rose. You’ll know the difference that good equipment, facilities and coaching make.

Your gift will help to give new rowers and talented crews the backing that they need to succeed:

It was gutting as we were in a length of a medal and it was equipment failure that cost us the opportunity of York’s first BUCS regatta medal.

Adam Williams
Men's Quad
  • Facilities to allow athletes to train and compete without compromise
  • Enough boats to cater for all those who want to row
  • Funding to maintain and extend the paid coaching team.

The Regatta season is fast approaching and last year we had to rent boats to compete. One new boat by February will give our crews a head start in 2018 and start to build our facilities.

You can now give your gift directly here to UYBC and 100% will go to help us achieve our goals.