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Singing in a virtual choir / Dr Helena Daffern explains how digital technologies can provide easier access to the wellbeing benefits of group singing.
Research into the specific health and wellbeing benefits of singing is actually still in its infancy...[but] evidence is growing of psychological and physical improvement effects, with an indication that group singing is particularly beneficial over other social and community activities

Introducing Studio Blue / After winning £40,000 from the Big Alumni Project fund in 2018, University Radio York (URY) started the next stage of their project: to build a new studio here on campus.
On Monday 7th January 2019, University Radio York completed their project and unveiled a new second studio, named ‘Studio Blue’.

What does it mean to be British? / Now, more than ever, the country needs to decide what it wants the term British to mean. Mark Hutchinson, a Research Fellow at the University delves into the history behind the label.
The British empire no longer exists and the British government is instead managing a declining British presence worldwide. Alongside the devolution of powers within the UK, it’s unclear what the term British is now meant to describe.