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Shisha addiction may be stronger than cigarette addiction / Kamran Siddiqi, Professor of Global Health at the University of York, discusses some of the effects shisha can have
Smoking shisha is very popular, particularly among young people. And despite what many people believe, it is highly addictive. In fact, a drug commonly prescribed to help […]

Schools need to teach pupils skills to maintain good mental health / Dusana Dorjee a lecturer in the Department of Education at University of York, looks into the complexity of child mental health
Schools are often where children’s and adolescents’ mental health problems are identified. While there is ever growing demand for mental health support for pupils, such […]

Goodricke’s Golden Jubilee / 2018 sees York’s fifth college turn fifty, but what do you remember about Goodricke College?
Goodricke College is named after amateur astronomer John Goodricke (1764-1786), who is best known for presenting conclusive proof that the brightness of stars varies over a period of time in a cyclical nature.