University of York in America

The University of York in America Inc is our sister organisation established in 2004, which builds awareness of the University of York in the USA to enhance its reputation and to enable tax deductible giving from individuals and grants from US Trusts and Foundations.The Board of Directors comprises five senior York alumni resident in the USA as well as the Vice-Chancellor of the University of York.

The UYA is a 501(c)(3) organisation and donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

You can read about our current flagship project US Alumni Connections Fund.

The aims of the University of York in America

  • Increase opportunities for students to study and work abroad
  • Development of partnerships including cultural exchanges, internships and exchange programmes
  • Expand the capacity of the US Alumni Connections Fund
  • Strategic media promotion to develop awareness of the University of York.

The International Relations Office at York is also working to develop existing and new partnerships with a variety of universities, individuals and organisations across thematic areas for which York is a centre of international excellence. These include environment, human rights, public policy and scientific discovery

Successes in the past five years

The UYA has raised £9.4 million from US trusts and foundations and has supported  projects at the University of York in Biology, the Borthwick Archive, the Centre for Applied Human Rights, and Stained Glass Conservation.

Substantial support from individual alumni donors has been used by the board of directors of the UYA to fund:

  • The Wild Scholarships for postgraduate study in the Department of Chemistry
  • Scholarships for the Department of Economics
  • US Alumni Connections grants to expand opportunities provided for transatlantic study in both directions.

Supporters in the USA really do make a difference and broaden opportunities for students and staff whether that’s through financial support or connections.

How can you help?

Give now - USA

You can donate online or by downloading and or by returning our donation form.  To find out more about the University of York in America and the levels of involvement, please contact Susie Fothergill at the Development Office on +44 (0) 1904 324 794.

York alumni in the USA

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There are currently around 2,300 York alumni living in the United States. Many are expatriate British graduates, who went on to build their careers and lives in the States. Others are American citizens who came to study in York, either for their full degree, or to add international experience through a period of 'Study Abroad'.

The University of York in America is a great way to help US resident alumni stay connected with York and each other, and support their University through fundraising.