Upcoming public lectures

The University organises free public lectures on a wide variety of topics and aimed at a general audience.  Some require tickets (available from the Communications Office) but most do not. Upcoming events are detailed below.

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Upcoming events

University of York - Upcoming events
The creation and expansion of the worldwide smallpox eradication programme
Thursday 28 March 2019: In this seminar, our panelists will focus on the smallpox control programmes operating in the 1950s and 1960s, with particular reference to China, Nepal, Brazil and India

Smoking cessation and tobacco control throughout the ages
Friday 29 March 2019: Professor Keir Lewis provides a lively and fascinating insight into smoking cessation and tobacco control through the ages

Communities for Health in Africa
Friday 29 March 2019: This seminar focuses on the role of communities for health in Africa, drawing on examples from Zimbabwe and Malawi in particular

Writing a philosopher’s life: The case of George Berkeley
Monday 1 April 2019: This lecture will consider some of the challenges of writing the biography of a philosopher, focusing on George Berkeley (1685-1753)

RESCHEDULED: Travelling east via Burlington House: Orientalist painting at the Royal Academy
Tuesday 23 April 2019: This talk looks as the British artists who travelled east in the nineteenth century

Press releases

University of York - Latest news
Expert Reaction: Security challenges of mobile health apps
An expert in cyber security at the University of York comments on new research from the University of Toronto on the security issues around data sharing by mobile health apps.
21 March 2019 00:01:00

UK gets new £5 million climate change research centre
A new £5 million centre, involving researchers from the University of York, will explore how we can live differently in order to tackle climate change.
21 March 2019 00:01:00

Expert Reaction: Full moon in March Equinox
Director of the University of York's Astrocampus comments on the full moon as it coincides with the March Equinox.
20 March 2019 00:01:00

Mathematicians reveal secret to human sperm’s swimming prowess
Researchers have discovered what gives human sperm the strength to succeed in the race to fertilise the egg.
20 March 2019 00:01:00

Trials testing new educational methods in schools often fail to produce useful evidence, say researchers
Educational trials aimed at boosting academic achievement in schools are often uninformative, new research suggests.
15 March 2019 12:11:00