Health and Wellbeing at York

The years spent at University are some of the most exciting, developmental and and transformative you can experience. They are also an intense period of change and challenge which can take its toll physically and emotionally. This year, YuCycle will benefit a range of projects designed both to support and give students wider access to activities which promote positive physical and mental wellbeing.

It is well documented that physical activity can have a significant positive impact on physical and mental health and wellbeing, as can taking part in community activities and volunteering. We want to empower students to take a stand on wellbeing and we want to encourage them to do so through sport.

Money raised from YuCycle will support access to initiatives that promote wellbeing through sport at York. Such initiatives include Healthy Body Healthy Mind, College Sport at York, Nightline, Mind Your Head and sport sessions as part of the Give It A Go programme.

Ultimately, your fundraising will support students to get involved and feel involved in life at York so get up, saddle up and sign up today!