Watch this space for more information for participants in the coming months.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to wear a cycle helmet?

You must wear a cycle helmet to take part. The wearing of hard shell helmets conforming to CE standards EN1078 is mandatory for all riders participating in British Cycling registered events.

How old do I need to be to take part in the Road Rides?

You must be at least 12 on the day of the event to take part; if you are under 18 you must be accompanied by an adult. Under 16s can take part over the 33km or 59km routes only.

For under 16s, we need a signed Parental Consent Form in advance of the day of the ride. You will receive a link to the consent form after you sign up.

Do I need insurance?

We recommend that you have appropriate cover for you and your bike. British Cycling provides a level of personal insurance cover through their Gold Membership so are a good starting point. The Cyclists Touring Club (CTC) also provides third-party cover with each membership as well as a range of other insurance products.

Do I need to tell you about medical conditions?

All our participants have to complete and return a Health and Fitness form as part of the registration process for the event. The form covers common health problems that may affect your ability to take part and informs our first aid team. On registration you will be sent a link to download the form, which needs to be returned in advance of the event.

We advise that participants seek advice from their GP prior to completing the ride, if they have particular health issues.

What level of fitness is required?

It is up to you to undertake appropriate training to enable you to complete the ride safely – there are some hills on the route and you should ensure that your training includes some of these!

We’re also working to put together a training programme to put the wind in your sails and push you to the start (and over the finish line!). More information on these will be available over the next few weeks.

The Event

Can I drive to the event and park my car?

Cycle participants will have the benefit of free parking at the car park on Kimberlow Lane, which is close to the York Sport Village.

Note: The car park adjacent to the Sport Village is subject to limited hours parking and participants parking there may find themselves subject to parking fines.

What facilities are available en route?

Toilets are available at our feed stations at Thixendale and Kirkham. You will be supplied with wholesome snacks, energy bars, fruit etc as well as refills for your drink bottles.

How do I find my way?

Our route has been fully signed by our University of York Cycle Club marshals and is British Cycling approved. You will be sent the map route electronically in the pre-ride email. Any hazards e.g. sharp bends etc are marked and marshals will be there in person at larger junctions on route.

What happens if I get lost or get into difficulties on the day?

On the day your numbered card will show a contact number for our ride control, who will help with any issues.

What happens if I have a mechanical problem on the ride?

You should be able to deal with punctures yourself, but if you need further help, there will be a mobile cycle mechanic to help with any problems. Most problems with brakes, tyres, pedals and chains can be dealt with at the roadside. The service is free but a charge will be made for any replacement parts needed. If your problem cannot be resolved by the mechanic, you and your bike will be relayed either to the start or finish point, as appropriate.

Are there medical facilities at the event?

There will be qualified first aid cover at the event should the need arise. It is important we have details of any pre-existing medical conditions affecting you before the ride starts. These will be noted on your Health and Fitness Form, submitted as part of registration.

How long do I have to complete the ride and what happens if I can't complete the distance?

The ride closes at 4.00pm. Riders who struggle to complete the course within the allocated time will be picked up by our sweeper vehicle towards the end of the event.

What happens at the end of the ride?

You will feel proud of your achievement! All cyclists will receive a Certificate of Completion to show to their supporters. A delicious slice of wood fired pizza and a choice of tea, coffee or water will greet you on your return!

At the end of the ride you will have the option to experience the fixed cycle circuit at the York Sport Village. The Sport Village has a vibrant programme of activity which can help to build confidence for new cyclists and assist more experienced riders with strength and conditioning.


Is my bike suitable for the ride?

Your bike should be in good working order, and we advise that you give it a good clean and get it serviced. We highly recommend your bike has slick (road) tyres rather than mountain bike tyres. The lighter the bike the better, mountain bikes are not really suitable unless you change your tyres to 'slick'.

If you don’t currently own a bike, don’t worry! You should see your new bike as an investment and a way of committing to improving your own health and wellbeing.

What kit should I carry with me?

To deal with simple punctures, we advise that all riders bring along a puncture repair kit, pump and a spare inner tube.

Although specialist equipment is not required for this event, please bear in mind the following:

  • water bottles – it’s important to keep hydrated (you can refill at feed stations)
  • sunscreen
  • eyewear – it’s useful to wear glasses to protect against wind and debris
  • padded cycling shorts will help you feel more comfortable over long distances
  • cycling gloves will help protect your hands from any blisters
  • it’s best to wear a shirt made from technical fabric which will keep you dry
  • even in June it can be windy and wet – so you may need a rain/windproof jacket
  • please remember to check the weather forecast prior to the event
  • vaseline – a quick smear of vaseline in the right places will help avoid chafing – essential for long rides.

We’re currently working to try and secure some deals and discounts for our participants and will email all participants as and when we receive such deals.


How does my entry support good causes?

Your entry fee will make a contribution to the fundraising for our important University cause – initiatives to promote mental health and wellbeing through sport. You can also give an additional donation on registration. Thank you for your generosity.

How else can I fundraise?

While you’re challenging yourself and your team, your efforts can make more of a difference if you ask family and friends to sponsor you.

You may wish to support sport and wellbeing by taking fundraising for our cause. Your help will allow us to develop a number of issues to give students a real, immediate boost to their wellbeing. You can ride at a discounted fee if you can raise a minimum of £50 for us by 26 May 2017.

To join our team of University fundraisers, visit JustGiving. Here you can set up a page for yourself or your team and link it to the YuCycle event.

Go to JustGiving and follow these steps:

  1. select Set Up a New Page
  2. add the charity you would like to support (“University of York”)
  3. select Doing my Own Thing
  4. name your page, and add YuCycle 2017 as the event you are participating in
  5. start sharing your fundraising page to collect donations!

You can also choose to raise money for a charity of your own choice. Your individual charity will be able to provide you with guidance on their preferred methods for sponsorship and donations.

Rules of the Road

As a cyclist, you are bound by law to the Highway Code, and we advise that you take some time to familiarise yourself with the sections of the Code applicable to cyclists.

You can find these sections here: Rules for Cyclists.

We cannot stress the importance of wearing a helmet enough - they save lives. In line with British Cycling guidelines, if you do not come to the YuCycle event with a hard shell helmet conforming to CE standards EN1078, you will not be able to ride.

We want you to be as safe as possible when you’re out on the roads. Following these guidelines will allow you to have the safest, most enjoyable ride possible!

Training Plans

Training plans to help you get off your sofa and on your bike are widely available online. It can, however, be hard to choose one that you know is reputable and designed to get you training appropriately.

For the Enthusiast Route

If you’re a complete beginner and are building up to our Enthusiast route, this 8-week plan from British Cycling is ideal. It’s designed to get you competently cycling 50km. Train up to the 64km distance or save yourself a little challenge for the ride!

For the Experienced Route

If you’re going the whole hog, this 12-week plan from British Cycling will get you riding 100km. If you want to gear up for this challenge at a more intense level, this 7-week plan from British Cycling will have you reaching our finish line with some solid work and commitment.