YuFund exists thanks to the generosity of alumni and friends. It gives grants to innovative and worthwhile projects run by student clubs and societies, departments and colleges.

Have you considered if YuStart crowdfunding might be a better choice for your project?

With YuStart, you can fundraise at any time (not just in November and May) and you can tell your story to the widest audience.

You may even have immediate access to up to £500 of YuFund support!

To get YuFund backing for your project, you must complete an application by the deadline    (10 May 2019). The YuFund Disbursement Group will then consider your application and give you their decision.

What YuFund supports

YuFund backs projects that:

  • Make opportunities equally accessible for students;
  • Contribute to the work of the University locally, nationally or internationally;
  • Contribute to student mental health or wellbeing;
  • Help student enterprise to succeed;
  • Create an active creative community on campus and beyond and/or;
  • Create physical spaces that allow students to fulfill their potential

See recent examples of successful YuFund applicants here: YuFund projects.

Due to limited funds, YuFund cannot support every application it receives. Please make sure your application is as strong and well-presented as possible.